Policies regarding the usage of the spoiler infobox and spoilers in general.

What's a spoiler? Edit

A spoiler is a piece of information or image that reveals critical plot elements. Some people may not wish to be spoilt regarding these elements, and so warnings should be given without being annoying to those who have already seen those episodes.

Spoiler infobox Edit

Use the spoiler infobox on character/misc. pages where it is undeniable that large blocks of spoilers (i.e. their mere existence is a plot point, or they bring about critical plot points) will be encountered. It is not necessary to use it on episode pages because it is implicit that spoilers will be there anyway - please only read these pages if you do not mind the spoilers.

If majority of the character pages have spoiler infoboxes on them, they may have to be rewritten to account for spoilers once there is content under every heading and the headings are consistent across the wiki.

Other spoilers Edit

  • If spoilers are small, they can be accounted for by marking any other sections of spoilers starting with Spoiler details may follow. and ending with Spoilers end here.
  • Do not create/post fake characters, episodes, spoilers etc.
  • Only use spoiler images on spoiler-marked pages/sections.
  • Pictures and text are both types of spoilers.

How to mark spoilers Edit

Spoiler infobox: Go to Insert > Template. Search for "Spoiler" or locate "Spoiler".

Other: See above.