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I want to create Laplace's demon.
— Namikoshi, Rampo Kitan episode 10
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Namikoshi (ナミコシ Namikoshi), also known as the first Twenty Faces (二十面相 Ni-jū Mensō), is Akechi's best friend yet his rival, the creator of Dark Star and starter of the Twenty Faces phenomenon. He wants to change the world to prove that the dream he and Akechi shared of completing Dark Star wasn't an illusion.

Appearance Edit

Namikoshi has lightly colored hair that stops at his neck. He has golden eyes, one of them constantly covered by his bangs. Under his left eye, he has a scar running down to his lip and across the bridge of his nose due to a group of delinquents at school cutting him with a blade and the parents' refusal to bring him to a hospital.

As a child, he wore many bandaids and always used his headphones, most likely to try and ignore the world. He attended the middle school Kobayashi and Hashiba currently attend, meaning he used to wear the same uniform.

Personality Edit

Since he was an abused child, he had long since distanced himself from the world. He was timid, and never spoke up to his parents or bullies. However, he was an incredibly smart boy, and even impressed Akechi. He was especially good in Mathematics.

After meeting Akechi in middle school, he opened up to him. It was apparent that Namikoshi was a kind, hardworking boy, and would do many things to make Akechi acknowledge him. Despite all that, he could be merciless, for he killed all his bullies, his teacher, and his parents using Dark Star.

He was willing to sacrifice himself for his cause, as shown in Episode 11 where he let go of Akechi's hand to complete his formula.

Most of his motivation comes from Akechi.

Also he stated himself that like Akechi and Kobayashi, he sees people differently. He sees them as skeletons.

History Edit

Whilst in junior school, he suffered abuse from his classmates and parents. He was constantly ignored by his other classmates and teachers. While being bullied by his classmates and teacher, he met Akechi, who saved him not only from them but from the "dark world" and encouraged him to create his formula called "Dark Star."

In Edogawa's works Edit

There is no equivalent of Namikoshi in Edogawa's works, although Twenty Faces is a phantom thief.

Trivia Edit

  • Namikoshi's favourite song is played various times during the series by Akechi using his record player.[3]

References Edit

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