This page documents the merchandise for the anime series Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace, specifically those that use official artwork that is not from the anime.

Body Pillow Edit

A body pillow (also known as a hugging pillow 抱き枕 dakimakura) was available at Comiket 88, booth 322 which was on August 14 - 16 2015. Its illustration of Kobayashi was done by the series character designer Kazuaki Morita and cost 10000 yen (approx. 81 USD as of the 5th of August 2015).[1]

Illustrations Edit

Illustrations by various illustrators. They were not for sale, but were on display in the Noitamina shop between August 8th and 16th 2015. More were added after the initial sidu and Ai Yokoyama ones.[2][3]

Manga Edit

See the Manga page.

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