Yoshio Kobayashi
Age 13
Date of Birth (star sign) September 12, 2001
Blood type B
Height 154 cm
Weight 45 kg
Hobbies/Interested in nothing
Not good at/with nothing
Japanese VA

English VA

Rie KugimiyaJill Harris
Yoshio Kobayashi

Yoshio Kobayashi, known mostly by his last name (コバヤシ Kobayashi), is a protagonist in the anime Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace. He is a boy who doesn't have much interest in others and is detached from his surroundings, though he does have a friend, Hashiba. They both meet Akechi and get involved in his investigation.

Appearance Edit

Kobayashi has short dark hair and a feminine face. He is normally seen in his school uniform - a beige jacket, brown pants, white shirt and magenta neckerchief. He is often confused for a girl due to his slender appearance, which leads to crossdressing. This particular habit begins in a mission involving Watanuki, who targets young girls.

In casual clothing, he is normally seen in a baby blue dress with dark blue hemming.

Personality Edit

He is naturally inquisitive and does not notice the faces of people who are not significant to him. (They appear to him as gradient-colored silhouettes. The color of these silhouettes varies, depending on the palette of the surroundings). Kobayashi is bored with his life, due to the lack of excitement. He is framed for the murder of his teacher after awakening in the classroom with the murder weapon in his hands and his teacher's mangled corpse set up in the front of the classroom. After becoming a suspect, Kobayashi takes some time off from school and gets caught up in the investigation. After helping to solve the crime and finding the actual killer, he becomes attached to the thrill of solving crimes and later insists in being Akechi's "sidekick".

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Relationships Edit

Souji Hashiba Edit

Hashiba was always there for Kobayashi and they were very close. Though usually oblivious to most things, including Hashiba’s apparent crush on him, he eventually got better at developing his relationship with him further.

Kogoro Akechi Edit

Since becoming his assistant seeking the excitement of solving cases, Kobayashi used his good detective skills to help in Akechi’s cases.

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In Edogawa's works Edit

Kobayashi is part of the Boy Detectives Club (少年探偵団 Shonen Tanteidan) along with Hashiba.

Trivia Edit

  • Kobayashi's first name was not revealed in the anime, but it is assumed since Akechi's first name corresponds to his Edogawa Rampo version Kobayashi's does too.
  • His zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • Kobayashi dresses as a girl when solving crimes because girls are more trustworthy and seem more innocent.

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