Black Lizard
Alias(es) Unknown
Age Unknown
Date of Birth (star sign) May 18th (Taurus) (Note: self picked)
Blood type Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hobbies/Interested in Unknown
Not good at/with Unknown
Japanese VA Yoko Hikasa

Black Lizard (黒蜥蜴 Kuro Tokage) is a criminal housed in an unknown prison, assumedly in Shinjuku. She has a preexisting relationship with Akechi. Also, she has two man-servants who obey her every command including when she wants to torture them.

Appearance Edit

Black Lizard is a phantom thief with dark hair, a red mask, high heels and revealing clothing. In prison, she is normally tied up with strings but she is easily able to escape them.[1]

Personality Edit

Black Lizard is sadistic and loves Akechi, but Akechi doesn't love her back. She has a habit of wetting herself after Akechi talks to her, which is most likely an allusion to her original incarnation.

In Edogawa's works Edit

Black Lizard is a master criminal and femme fatale who has a story named after her in Edogawa's works.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • If she were to tell her details to anybody, she would only tell Akechi.[3]
  • Her details are unknown due to government censorship.[3]

References Edit

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